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In our store, we offer collectible Pokemon cards that you can collect, but also with their help to fight against other players, just like in the TV series. This category includes card sets and accessories for the Pokemon TCG game. The player and collector can choose from many themed decks (Theme Deck), accessories that strengthen the basic decks (boosters), sets packed in large cardboard packaging (Boxes) or smaller (Blister). For beginners, there are Trainer Kits, thanks to which you can easily learn the rules of Pokemon card games. Accessories include card stockers, deck boxes, protective shirts and play mats. All for purchase in our store.

The history of Pokemon began with popular adventure games for the Game Boy portable console from Nintendo. We played the role of a trainer who traveled the world, collected and developed Pokemon. Then a television series was created that gained very high popularity. After that, it's time for Pokemon TCG, which gained popularity in Europe in 2000 and which continues until today.

Pokemon TCG Cards

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